Energy is an existential necessity. Just like our environment.

Our Company, together with its leading and innovative partners in Conventional and Renewable Energy Sector, always aims to facilitate the energy requirements in enterprise-wide scale for all needs.

We have our own innovative Renewable Energy Generation Systems which are still under the development, besides the Patented and Cutting-edge Renewable Energy Generation Systems of our Business Partners.

Energy stands for a high standard of living. It provides livelihoods and prosperity. Just like a clean environment. The production of electricity be- comes ever more urgent, but usually comes at an ever higher price – both in terms of money and environmental damage. Fukushima once again clearly demonstrated the risks of nuclear power, where whole regions can be made uninhabitable. The extraction of fossil fuels is also dangerous and increasingly expensive. The major contamination now seen in the Gulf of Mexico, the Niger Delta and in the rainforests is just one example of how our basic ecosystem is being destroyed.


Solar Panel Based Conventional Energy Generation Systems (PV)

Magnetic Area Energy Generation Systems (Under Development)

Patented Combined Solar&Wing Based Energy Generation Systems

Wind Turbine Based Systems

GF-1000NT: Vertical Turbines with Unique Patents (Wind Based System) (Click for details)


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GF-1000NT: Vertical turbines with unique patents

The solution for global problem zones

Technical data:

  • Height above all: 74m
  • Rotor diameter: 42m
  • Length of propulsion wings: 39,5m
  • Profile-depth: 2,5m
  • Nominal power: 1000kW @ 13m/s @ 19U/min
  • Kick-in windspeed: 3,5m/s
  • Cut-off windspeed: 28m/s
  • Ultimate rpm: 25U/min
  • Materials: Steel and Aluminum

The entire turbine was designed using the most modern mathematical methods, such as FE/CFD/MBS programs. Only these methods, in the hands and heads of highly experienced engineering personnel, lead to reliable and safe-to-operate vertical axis wind turbine designs.

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