Tekno Ar-Ge & Mert Group company has been developing devices for human health for 25 years, on the way of its human focus. It designed patented products that provide sterilization against all kinds of threats against bacteria, viruses and pathogens that are the greatest threat on humans. The Covid -19 epidemic, which started in late 2019 and had a major impact on the world, proved that we are on the right track. First of all, we have developed a project that will minimize pandemic cases by considering international airports.


1) Sterilization systems that do not slow the flow of passengers.

2) Sterilization systems that will give people psychologically confidence.

3) Sterilization systems that prevent the spread of minimum 95% pandemic.

4) To establish low cost sterilization systems for businesses.

5) Sterilization systems that ensure continuous sterilization of operating personnel.

6) To design devices that will provide sterilization in an ergonomic, small and modern image.


1-)Terminal Entry

  • a) Disinfectant Cabinets for Human
  • b) Disinfectant System of X-Ray Device
  • c) Passport & Ticket Disinfectant System:
  • d) Luggage Disinfection System
  • e) Escalator Handrail Tape Hygiene Device
  • f) Hand hygiene devices


According to April 2020 data in Turkey in the first four months of the year-end total of 294 thousand 250 flights from 56 airports was done. Compared to the same month of last year, air traffic decreased by 31.9 percent.

Considering the number of passengers, while using 33 million 637 passengers between 1 January and 30 April, a 41.1 percent decrease was observed compared to the same period of the previous year. While the number of domestic passengers contracted by 40.4 percent, the decrease in the international line was 42.1 percent.

In January, 13 million 930 thousand, 275 thousand in February, 12 million, 7 million 347 thousand passengers in the month of March, while in April, only 84 thousand passengers use the airports in Turkey.


It is a system that will allow the passengers to be sterilized and enter the enterprises by being placed at the first starting point of the X-ray control center at the terminal entrances.

There is no need for the passenger to wait during the operation of the system. This system works to provide sterilization with walking speed without waiting at the terminal entrances and without causing any intensity.


By way of the sterilization device placed behind the X-ray devices at the terminal entrance security door. All personal items such as luggage, handbag, mobile phone, laptop, etc. will be sterilized. Thanks to the system, X-ray systems do not need to be replaced. The sterilization system is designed to be integrated into the device to ease the financial burden of the business.


During check-in process, passports and tickets are manually placed in this special sterilization device by the passenger.

Hazards that can be transmitted by contact are eliminated by this process. Our first rule, the rule of protecting the health of business employees takes place once again. Passport and ticket whose sterilization process is completed is delivered to the authority. Passport and ticket sterilization device will be placed at all passport control points.


The suitcases, the first sterilization of which is completed in the entrance section, are delivered to the authorized personnel at the check-in point. The bag-gage loaded on the conveyor is processed the sterilization for the second time in the interior of the baggage acceptance conveyor. Each suitcase, sterilization of which is completed, is automatically labelled and loaded in the vehicle for delivery to the aircraft.



It is mandatory to ensure the continuity of the sterilization process completed at the entrance to the facility. For this reason, it is imperative to sterilize the escalator handrail tapes at the facility. Under favour of the device to be mounted on the right and left sides of the front sections of the stairs, these sections will be sterilized.


Especially with our device that will be placed at the entrance of WCs and fast food restaurants, hand hygiene will be provided in a short time like three seconds. Thanks to the sterilization chain we have developed, it will be very easy to fight the epidemic in the most crowded places. All kinds of sterilization process will be completed in a controlled manner from the first terminal entrance until passenger get to the vehicle they will go to. We will also apply the sterilization system we have prepared in the passenger return departments.

The human disinfection system, x-ray disinfection system and luggage disinfection system are designed to sterilize with a completely different system. No consumable materials were used in the system. Sterilization is carried out with the ozone system, which is the beginning of a new invention. These devices do not contain disinfectants that will irritate the skin and harm human health. The system we use in the escalator handrail tapes, has the most reliable sterilization to ensure safe hand contact. Sterilization success of the system has been tested as 98%. This system we have developed for airports and terminals is a chain system. Each ring has been developed to provide sterilization. It is necessary to apply without breaking any link of the chain. If the system is applied regularly and carefully, it will be possible to achieve a great victory against infectious diseases. The general name of our project was born with the slogan ‘ZERO VIRUS. It is very important to ensure sterilization in the places where human density is highest. Thanks to sterilized passengers and personal belongings, the spread of infectious diseases across countries and even continents will be prevented. We took care to create a very economical system chain without damaging the general financial budgets of the enterprises. We have designed major innovative systems to prevent waste of consumables. The corona virus, which started at the end of 2019 and affected the whole world in the first half of 2020, caused major material damage. To give a simple example: German airline Lufthansa announced that it has cancelled 7,000 flights planned in March due to the virus. Lufthansa which explained the experience about a decrease in demand due to the Corona virus, announced that they had cancelled 7 thousand 100 flights at the end of March, they have a fleet of 770 aircraft, and 125 short and medium-distance and 25 long-distance aircraft were removed from the flight program. Sterilization must be done more carefully to prevent such large financial budget losses. Transportation of infectious diseases will decrease by 98% with the low budget and non-additional cost sterilization systems which we prepared. Our sterilization system, which is easy to apply and does not prevent passenger movement speed, can be applied very practically in areas with crowded human communities in all kinds of air, sea and land transportation. As Tekno Ar-ge & Mert Group family, we are excited to introduce you to a new first. We continue our research and innovation with the slogan ‘zero virus’ against epidemics that become the biggest nightmare of the 21st century. The ‘zero virus’ system that want you to travel with health, will always protect you.


2019/21782 Contains a Certain Amount of Content A Content Container

2019/12891 Fly Repellent Device

2019/12892 A Serum for Use in Menstrual Period in Women

2019/11224 Seat Cushion Sensor Apparatus

2019/09296 Single Use Salad Dressing with Hemp Content

2019/08700 Hemp Content Ice Cream

2019/07050 Disinfection System for Public Transport Vehicles

2019/03532 A Farming Machine

2019/03039 Automatic Disinfectant System for Public Transport Vehicles

2019/01928 A Corner Pole for Football Fields

2018/19842 Signalling System for High Speed Trains

2018/18394 A Baggage Check and Disinfect Device

2018/16380 Hemp Fructose Based Cold Drink Powder Preparation Method

2018/15877 Escalator Belt Cleaning Device

2018/15880 A Cleaning Conveyor

2018/13653 A Cleaning Robot

2018/13654 Anti-Bacterial Seat Belt



2018/07559 Food Service and Garbage Collection Vehicles Used in Airplanes

2018/05087 Turkish Coffee Cooking Machine for Passenger Planes

2018/01605 A Seat Belt

2018/01149 Passenger Control System for Airplanes 2017/17518 Student Control Mat for Services

2017/14632 Student Control System for Services 2017/08049 A Different Packaging Method

2016/18545 Garbage Container with Compaction System

2016/15724 New Generation Napkin Holder

2016/14241 New Generation Taxi Information System 2016/14089 High Length Flagpole System

2016/06396 A Package Application Containing Bottles, Containers and One Product

2016/05030 Automatic Hand Washing Sink


1) Human Disinfection Cabinet

2) Passport Disinfection Cabinet

3) Luggage Disinfection Device

4) X-ray Integrated Disinfection Device

5) Germ Killing Disinfection Robot

6) Techno-Germ Air Airplane Hygiene Robot

7) Enhanced Passenger Security Systems for Airplanes

8) Automatic Controlled Tryller System Developed for Aircrafts

9) Anti-Bacterial Seat Belt Buckle Developed for Aircrafts

10) A New Seat Belt System Developed for Airplanes

11) Hand Clean Hand Hygiene Device Classic (For Children)

12) Hand Clean Hand Hygiene Device Long (Metal Case)

13) Hand Clean Hand Hygiene Device Long (Composite)

14) Bi Clean Hand Sanitizer (Hanger Model)

15) Bi Clean Hand Hygiene Device (semi-automatic totem


16) Bi Clean Door Entry Disinfection Device

17) Escalator Handrail Band Hygiene Device

18) Sure UV Light Device

19) P. S.S.S Passenger Seat Sensor Systems

20) HERG 160 A Different Machine in Agriculture

21) Corner Pole System

22) Garbage Container with Compaction System

23) Storax Hemp Seed Oil Extract Shampoo

24) Storax Hemp Seed Oil Extract Conditioner

25- Storax Hemp Seed Oil Essence Hand and Body Lotion

26) Storax Hemp Seed Oil Extract Liquid Hand Soap

27) Storax Hemp Seed Oil Extract Eye Contour Cream

28) Storax Hemp Seed Oil Extract Face Cream

29) Storax Hemp Seed Oil Extract Fly Repellent Spray

30) Hemp Seed Oil Extract Food Supplements